Unless you know about the tides and the wind you will find sailing rather Challenging!

Sometimes knowing something can really help us get on in the world.

Art and Psychotherapy have a lot to offer society and yet most of the theories and practices of the therapist remain a mystery to the everyday person. Feeling Found wants to make some of the basic theories and techniques used by the therapist accessible and useful to people generally, raising the profile of psychotherapy and helping people to understand how useful some of the concepts and practices can be in our everyday lives.

We are able to offer one off bespoke training workshops to help individuals and organisations gain more awareness of how they are in the world. These workshops are experiential, they are not intended to train people as therapists but to give them a real experience of some of the concepts and techniques therapists use to bring about human transformation.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how we can help you or your organisation learn and experience more about the topics below…

  • Group Dynamics – how groups work or don’t
  • Mental Health – dispelling the myths and learning more about the reality
  • Mental Health in the work place – how to support one another when life is tough
  • Transference – some basic psychodynamic theory and what it looks like in real life
  • Dealing with Conflict – why conflict happens and how can we change the dynamic
  • Using the arts  – how creativity is a transformative process
  • Learning to play again – the value of play and creativity at home and in the work place
  • How to be a good listener – basic listening skills for life
  • Arts workshops – using puppets, sand trays, visual art, drama and music to explore feelings and identity
  • Attachment – theories about why we are like we are in our relationships



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