20 Dreams

20 Dreams Card Game

Karen Stallard created a new card game called 20 Dreams, which was successfully launched on Kickstarter in July 2020. Karen loves working with dreams in the therapy room and is fascinated by the role dreams play in our lives. Karen also wanted to develop a card game that rewarded the creative right brain rather than the logical left brain.

Our dreams and emotions tell us a lot about ourselves and talking about them strengthens the right brain and deepens emotional intelligence. Played together, 20 Dreams allows people to understand each other better whilst having fun together!

Many other games encourage the left brain with logic, memory, and rational thinking, being the skills needed to win. However, we believe that emotional intelligence is just as important if not more important than academic achievement, and we value the development of empathic skills equal to achieving a task.

As well as being a great game to play amongst family and friends, Karen realised that 20 Dreams was a valuable resource within the therapeutic space and has designed a number of activities to work in the therapy room.

Karen has also put together a helpful guide on how 20 Dreams can be used by teachers to connect to their students and develop emotional intelligence skills in education.

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