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Karen Stallard is a qualified Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and is UKCP, BACP and HCPC registered

Karen Stallard is a registered Psychotherapist with UKCP, registered Counsellor with BACP and registered Art Therapist with HCPC.

My private practice is Feeling Found, which is based in Highbury and Islington, London, N5.

My Interests

I am interested in how humans can thrive in harmony and equality with one another and the planet. Human beings need hope and meaning to function well and so the bigger questions like ‘what is the point?’ and ‘Why do I exist?’ are central to my ethos as a therapist. Philosophy, spirituality and existential questions of life have shaped my own personal journey, as well as debates around sexuality, gender identity and equality for all human beings. As a therapist I am interested in my clients not only being able to process difficult experiences and feelings but to learn how to embrace their own sense of self and power in the world in order to feel as free as possible in this limited life we have.

My Experience

A Summary

My career journey began as an actress with a passion for the performing arts, story telling and communicating creatively. I then trained to be a member of the clergy of the Christian church, in this role I worked mainly in pastoral care particularly within mental health, this led me to train as a full time counsellor and psychotherapist.

Full time Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Art therapist

I am passionate about people’s self-development and wellbeing and my enjoyment of the creative arts both played a part in my decision to become an Integrated Arts Psychotherapist, where I gained my MA from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. 

Working for the NHS

I worked for the NHS as an honorary therapist at the Women’s Service in Oxley’s Trust for over four years and as a spiritual and cultural care coordinator at the East London and City Mental Health Trust for seven years.

Setting up and Working for Charities

I set up a charity called ‘The Geoff Ashcroft Community’ in Tower Hamlets to support people suffering from mental health issues in the community. 

I have been a Board Member of various charities including Crossroads Counselling Service, Margins Homelessness project and Union Chapel Project. 

I am also on the Steering Group for a bi-annual conference called ‘Continuing the Journey’, which provides training to therapists and spiritual leaders.

Working as a Church Minister

I have worked as a church minister for over 20 years and my last role as church minister was at Union Chapel, Islington, where I worked for 8 years.  Union Chapel is a church, an award-winning events venue and it runs Margins, which is a homeless project.

My Psychotherapy qualifications

I am registered with UKCP, BACP, HCPC, and BAAT.

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I have a MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy.

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Psychology Today: https://www.psychology


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Karen Stallard – Psychotherapist at Feeling Found

Mobile:  07917 763479


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