Initial Contact with Feeling Found

The first step of getting in contact can seem daunting, so here’s what is involved and the fees along the way.

First Contact with Feeling Found

You can call me on my mobile with the knowledge that my phone is private. I am the only one that will pick up calls or messages, so if I am unable to take your call leave a message and I will call you back. Or drop me an email and I will respond to you as soon as I am able.

If you decide you want to progress therapy with me then we can set up your first therapy session.

First Introductory therapy session – Free of charge

Your first introductory therapy session is really important as it will be about us both getting to know each other enough to know whether working together is helpful.

This session will be for 50 mins, I do not charge for this first session as I want to give you the opportunity to make sure I am the right therapist for you.

What next?

If we agree to work together then I will send you a contract with the agreed fee and we start therapy, after six sessions we can review how things are going.

I usually see clients once a week on the same day and at the same time, but sometimes I see them more frequently and sometimes less. I recognise that people can lead very busy lives and sometimes flexibility is important, but I try and encourage clients to prioritise their therapy in order to gain the most out of the experience.

Therapy can last for as long as you require, sometimes 6 sessions is enough sometimes it may take years of therapy, there are no rules on the length of time but we will review at different intervals to check that the therapy is still being of use to you.

My Fees

Therapy Fees

Free first 50-minute introductory session

£60 for a 50-minute session thereafter

I also offer a limited number of low cost sessions, which is dependent on current availability and your particular circumstances.

Bursary Fund

I have access to a bursary fund for adults who cannot afford therapy but who want to talk about their experience of childhood sexual abuse. I can offer a limited number of adults 12 therapy sessions for a fee of £20 per session depending on availability and your circumstances.

Wellbeing Training Fees for Organisations

I will tailor training workshops to your specific needs and fees will vary accordingly.  Please get in contact with your requirements and I will prepare a quote for you.

Cancellation Policy

I do not charge for sessions cancelled or rearranged with more than 24 hours notice.  Sessions are chargeable for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

Get in Contact with Feeling Found

Karen Stallard – Psychotherapist at Feeling Found

Mobile:  07917 763479

Email:  admin@feelingfound.com

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