Online Therapy based in London, UK

Counselling Online via Skype or Zoom

I will be at my private practice in London, UK for our Online Therapy sessions, but you of course can be anywhere. Online Therapy is via Skype or Zoom, whichever platform you are most comfortable with. It is a different experience to face to face therapy, but online relationships are strong, reflect today’s culture and may be better suited to your lifestyle. Counselling online sessions can be Talk Therapy or Art Therapy depending on your preference and be much more creative and versatile than you would perhaps imagine.

Online therapy via Zoom from my private practice in London, UK

I use backdrops to create a calming setting for a virtual therapy room that is safe and inviting.

How online therapy works

Online therapy works in a similar way to face to face therapy in that our session will be for 50 mins at an agreed time. I will send you a meeting invite via email just before our session and then we will start our session at the agreed time, just as if you were coming to the therapy session in person.

I use both Zoom and Skype, but if you are more comfortable with another application let me know and we can work together to figure out what works best for you. If you struggle with the software I may be able to help, though I would never claim this to be my area of expertise.

The fees for online therapy are exactly the same, although the experience is a little different you will still get the same amount of time and quality of therapeutic intervention from me.

Why online therapy may work better for you

If your lifestyle is better suited to online therapy because

  • You travel a lot around the UK and abroad and would benefit from the convenience of online therapy
  • No travel time helps you juggle activities in your busy life
  • You would struggle to travel to me
  • You embrace technology in all aspects of your life and online therapy is your preferred choice.

Online Therapy during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of ‘Lockdown’ and the coronavirus pandemic, I am only able to offer online therapy sessions.

Interested in Online Therapy, get in Contact with Feeling Found

Karen Stallard – Psychotherapist at Feeling Found

Mobile:  07917 763479


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