Wellbeing Training Courses

Wellbeing Courses for Organisations

I run wellbeing training courses for organisations so that you can support the wellness and health of your employees.  Wellbeing at work can lead to happier more engaged employees as well as creating high performing teams. This in turn can generate energy to grow your business and help sustain your business during the difficult times.

Teams that can manage the tides and wind will go in the right direction.

Teams without that knowledge may well find themselves going backwards!

You may have a clear brief on what wellbeing training you would like to offer your staff or you may want some help to tailor a programme that is suited to your organisation. Whatever your requirements get in contact and I will work with you to design the right training programme for you, or I will recommended others to approach if I am not the right trainer for you.

Wellbeing Training Courses in your workplace

Wellbeing courses may include:

  • Teaching on mental health and dispelling some of the myths about mental health
  • Supporting staff when times are difficult

Coaching courses to improve employee relationships

Examples of coaching workshops to improve employee relationships

  • Create well functioning teams by teaching team dynamics
  • Managing conflict by understanding why conflict happens and how we can avoid it
  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • Improving your listening skills

Developing your EQ with Art Therapy

Examples of Art Therapy workshops

  • Art therapy workshops may use puppets, sand trays, visual art, drama and music to nurture a persons EQ
  • Developing your right brain by using the arts and bringing creativity into the workplace

Therapy for your staff

If you are interested in offering therapy at your workplace then I will travel to you so that I am easily accessible to your staff. I will need a private room that is quiet and perhaps tucked away from the general bustle of the office environment.

Alternatively, I can offer your staff therapy in Highbury & Islington, North London, N5

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