Talk Therapy

Talk therapy with me will always be non-judgemental and respectful of spiritual, cultural and religious diversity. I will make sure that therapy is a safe and confidential space for you.

I work with all the main stream therapeutic models such as Gestalt therapy, Jungian, Transactional Analysis, Attachment Theory, Object Relations, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychoanalytical approaches.

I look at our culture and see the lost community spaces leaving many feeling isolated and alone with their difficulties. 

London in particular can be an extremely lonely place. 

Our conversations often full of banter whilst meaningful conversation gets lost in society.

Therapy can help you change that.

I believe the therapist provides a missing role in today’s society, creating a professional and safe space for you to open up, explore yourself, unburden your secrets and experience someone who will be an authentic witness to your story.

Interested in Talk Therapy, get in contact with Feeling Found

Karen Stallard – Psychotherapist at Feeling Found

Mobile:  07917 763479


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